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ESTB  2013


___ Forest Spirit Creations ___



I LOVE it so much! The colours are prefect, the books fall perfectly on my neck, the chain lengths are perfect, and I LOVE the special little touch you did with the birch bark book. So cute! So special! 


I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work. It's truly a work of art and I can't wait to show it off during my wedding brunch.


When people ask I will be sure to direct them to you. I know this piece is worth a pretty penny. It is very obvious you put a lot of thought, effort, and work into it. Thank you. 


It was such a pleasure working with you! 

You helped me make my dreams come true (at a price I could afford). 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Malinda Prud'homme

Working with a Sheena was absolutely amazing. She has such a creative mind and a keen eye for what will work for my aesthetic and taste. She is knowledgeable, extremely professional, and she takes great care in her work.

— Vanny

Sheena created the lovely headpiece I wore on my big day! I got so many compliments on it. It was a huge hit & it went well with our theme & my dress. It just added that little bit to make me feel like a glamorous Elvish queen. 

Thank you so much Sheena!

— Stacy Alford

I absolutely love Forest Spirit Creations' offerings for the high quality & unique nature of the materials and the attentive intentions & methods used to make them. Definitely suggest checking them out!

— Jeremy Roark

I love Forest Spirit Creations! The craftsmanship is excellent, the tonics and salves are made with love, and the artwork is quirky and endearing. Sheena's innate creative ability to make healing art with nature helps one feel closer to the outdoors. I fell in love with her work because it is so unique; every piece is one of a kind.

I am wearing a beautiful piece of Queen Anne's Lace in a tiny bottle on a necklace, and am loving her all natural toothpaste. Highly recommend!

— Kristen Sparks

I have the Nipple Balm that I got when I was pregnant in preparation for breast feeding and I DISCOVERED that it works great on my lips. Now let me explain, since I was a child I've had dry cracked lips that I end up picking at or bitting. A horrible habit I want to stop, but kinda hard to do when they are always scabby. But after putting the Nipple Balm on for 4 nights in a row I'm shocked, just shocked that they are almost healed! The Bum Soother is amazing and the calming baby oil is so nice. We even add it into the baby's bath water. There hasn't been a single product I haven't loved. I highly recommend a try, you'll be hooked!

— Erika Parker



We have implemented a Growth (sliding) Scale pricing system that makes our Plant Medicines more accessible. 

Seed is the first tier (low), Seedling is the second tier (moderate), and Tree is the third tier (Retail).

Simply click on the option that best suites your financial standing at the present.

It's simple, just click on the Medicine you would like and you will see to the right of the photo a drop down bar labeled, "Growth (sliding) Scale". Click on the arrow to see the pricing options.


Everything/ Everyone starts from somewhere. Choose this pricing option if you only have a pinch of money to spare.


Hurray you’ve sprouted. Choose this pricing option if you have a little to give, but are still growing.


You are rooted in the soil. Choose this pricing option if you are established and can share your wealth and pay full Retail price. 



Open March to October 31st. Come get treasures for your Alter and self.

CLICK HERE to see progress photos of our Shop Area.


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