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May help/ aid in healing mild to moderate dry skin.


Apply to affected area(s) such as Hands, Feet, Knees and Elbows as needed.



Organic Lavender, Calendula Flower and Rose Petal infused Organic Olive Oil. Organic Beeswax. Western Red Cedar Essential Oil. Vitamin E Oil.


Product Safety: 6 years and up + Dog and Cat Safe. Avoid during pregnancy & Nursing (consult a professional)


I use ethically sourced,organically grown or purchased ingredients (local whenever possible), and Wildcrafted (whenever possible which is gathered by myself & family). All Plant Medicines are made by hand in small batches on Vancouver Island.


*Warning: They are made in an environment that has nuts and nut flours/ meals, if you are allergic to nuts or any ingredient in my product please to not use them.


The description and information on this listing are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or ailment. Please consult a professional.


While my Medicinals are natural and safe I recommend doing a spot test first to make sure you have no adverse reaction. To do this, drop/ rub a small amount on the inside of your wrist. If you sensitive to anything in the product you will have a reaction with in a minute. If you do have a reaction consult a doctor.

Skin Nourishing Salve 50 ml

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