In this artisan stamped bag you’ll find all of the handcrafted magic items you need to perform a Yule ritual alone or with your closest connections. Included is an instruction sheet, invocation card, 2 herbal smokes (Mullein, Catnip, Yarrow, Mugwort, Lobelia, Rose Petal. NOT safe during Pregnancy) to help you connect with spirit, your guides and the cosmos (sufficient for up to 1-3 people each), 3 bottles of anointing oils (Lavender for the Maiden, Horsetail for the Mother, Chamomile for the Crone), and a miniature yule log candle holder with 3 red candles.


Bag Dimensions: 6x4.25"

Cigarette Size:  King

Oil Bottle Dimensions: 1.25x0.5"

Yule Log Length: 5"

Candle Length: 5.5"

Yule Ritual Bag