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Phillip is a doula, writer, tinkerer, restorer and explorer.


Although he married into Forest Spirit, Phillip feels a strong bond with the business and takes pride in what he and Sheena achieve together. Phillip did much of the work restoring and renovating the trailer which became our mobile store. You’ll often find him as the face of Forest Spirit when vending at events, and he’s starting to take on more of a creative role with our jewelry products. He’s taken a particular interest in wire wrapping stones that he and Sheena find locally and polish themselves. His wraps are basic for now, but he hopes to develop new skills and take on more intricate designs over time.


From a very young age Phillip has been fascinated by puzzles, machines and anything with wheels. Unsurprisingly as an adult he loves to work on cars, bicycles and anything with moving parts.


Phillip discovered writing in his late teens, and it quickly became a strong form of therapy for him. He enjoys the freely expressive nature of poetry and story writing. You can find his poetry on some of our greeting cards.


After the birth of their son Elwood, Phillip was inspired to delve into the birth arts. He trained as a birth doula, and now has the pleasure of supporting, informing and guiding growing families through his business, Waves Fluid Birthing. He focusses on supporting those living with trauma, depression, anxiety and autism.


Phillip loves that vending with Forest Spirit takes the family on amazing adventures in wonderful places. Although he’s a home body, once out of the house he loves to explore, and is particularly fascinated with abandoned places.


Sheena created a truly one of a kind and magical business, but often needs grounding as her ideas carry her up to the moon. Phillip is her anchor with his kind, calm and peaceful way of being. With his support the roots of this family business are growing strong and deep.

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