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      Sheena is a Plant Spirit Herbalist and Eccentric, Earthy Artist.


      She started her Journey with Plants as a child, finding her first connection with a herb called plantain. As a girl Sheena would go into the Woods behind her house and crawl into a Fairy Grove to sit with the Plants. It was in that serene space where her connection with the forest first took root. She has loved plantain ever since, and uses it in her medicines to this day.


      At twenty Sheena started to learn more about the Earth Witches Path and her love of plants sprouted to see daylight. In her mid-twenties she became a mother to Gerrik, and though her aspirations and passions were overshadowed for the time, they never died out. In 2013 the universe shone light on her passion once again, and it started to bloom as she emerged into the Plant Kingdom. When she started making jewelry from plants, the connection she had been nurturing became something beautiful and seen.


      For many years Sheena has turned to the forest to find remedies for herself and loved ones. When she started her path as a herbalist she began practicing Plant Spirit Herbalism (a mix of Folk and Native Herbalism). She completed a yearlong Intensive herbalism course and continually expands her knowledge with online courses, books, connections with other herbalists and most importantly connecting with the Plant Kingdom.

     Sheena is grateful to anyone who takes the time to learn about and experience what she creates. As long as she lives she will bring beauty and wellness from the Forest to the Kitchen, to the Mind, Body and Spirit of All.

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