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who are we

The Witch's Cottage/ Forest Spirit Creations is a family business founded on the concept of healing with the powerful plants, animals and stones around us. Whether you are treating an illness with one of our salves or tinctures, or grounding your spirit with one of our jewelry or décor pieces, you will find wellness, beauty and balance in our products.


Whenever possible we Wildcraft ingredients like nettle, cedar and cottonwood ourselves, adding a hint of magic in the process. Other elements are organic and ethically sourced, for the sake of our health and our planet’s. Every ingredient in our medicine is natural and carefully selected for its powers. We make small batches to avoid the need for preservatives, so our bodies take in only what they need.


Most of our home and body adornments are created with and inspired by the incredible nature around us on Vancouver Island. As a family we explore local parks, forests and beaches, where we find beauty in otherwise discarded leaves, insects, bones, shells and more. We also repurpose discarded materials like boot rubber, leather scraps and broken jewelry, to give it a new life and cut down on waste and consumption.


Our magic and whimsy items bring new life to your home or alter, as they are each handcrafted with positive intentions. Every item carries a connection with a particular plant or animal, which will enliven your spirit and guide you on your journey. Feel the magic resonating in these pieces and find your own positive energy through them.

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