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Growth (sliding) Scale Pricing Options

Forest Spirit Creations has a pricing system that makes our Plant Medicines more accessible. Seed is the first tier (low), Seedling is the second tier (moderate), and Tree is the third tier (Retail). Simply click on the option that best suites your financial standing at the present.

It's simple, just click on the Medicine you would like and you will see to the right of the photo a drop down bar labeled, "Growth (sliding) Scale". Click on the arrow to see the pricing options.


Everything/ Everyone starts from somewhere. Choose this pricing option if you only have a pinch of money to spare.



Hurray you’ve sprouted. Choose this pricing option if you have a little to give, but are still growing.



You are rooted in the soil. Choose this pricing option if you are established and can share your wealth and pay full Retail price. 

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